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Onebase Transfer guide

   Last updated: April 13th 2005

If your internet connection slow, then you can make use of the olm-tp program to download packages according to your Onebase system in any PC whether it is windows or linux.

Like for example if you are a college student, you can use your fast network provided for you college PC to download packages for your Onebase, likewise in a browsing center. All you need is to have access to a cd-writer, to burn the packages inorder to copy them to your Onebase system.

Prepare Transfer

Use the below command to prepare for the transfer, this command is executed in your Onebase system and it requires no internet.

  • olm-tp -prepare : To prepare to download

Answer whether the system that you are going to download packages is going to be a Windows/Linux. And provide the list of packages that you are going to download. olm-tp communicates with OLM to determine its dependencies and on whether it is already installed or not.

Then a folder called 1btrans folder is generated at /usr/src directory. Copy this folder to your download system and then follow the instructions that you were notified at the end of olm-tp -prepare command.

Download Packages

For Linux

Copy the 1btrans to your download system and issue command sh $HOME/1btrans/olm-tp -dowload which will automatically download all your preferred packages to the 1btrans folder. Now the size of the 1btrans folder will be large with the downloaded packages, Then burn this to a CD and copy it to your Onebase system.

For Windows

Copy the 1btrans to your download system and download this package, Unzip the file, copy 1btrans folder inside the onewin folder and execute dowload.exe and type command: olm-tp -download to download all the pacakges. And burn the 1btrans folder to a CD.

Perform Transfer

Copy the 1btrans folder from your CD to /usr/src of your Onebase system, and issue the following command:

  • olm-tp -transfer : To transfer the downloaded packages

This command will transfer all the packages downloaded to your Onebase package cache and also provide you with a list of commands that you should run inorder to install the packages.

Note: olm-tp downloads only the software packages, which means you may need internet during command execution to download the small extra files if present, anyway once the installation phase (or compilation phase starts) you can disconnect internet.

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