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A a
abaft adv. [on be-æftan, behind < on, on, at + be, by + æftan, behind] A nautical term.
abide v. [abidan, await]
abode n. [abad, abode]
about adv. [abutan, about, around < a, on + butan outside]
above adv. [onbufan, above]
acre n. [æcer, cultivated field]
(a)n adder n. [nædre, snake, serpent]
addle v. [adela, liquid filth]
adz n. [adesa, adz]
after prep. [æfter, after, according to, behind]
again adv. [ongeon, again]
alder n. [alor, alder]
alderman n. [ealdorman , nobleman, ruler < eald, old, ancient]
ale n. [ealu, ale]
alive adj. [on life, in life]
all adj. [eall, all]
allay v. [alecgan, allay < a, away + lecgan, lay]
allow v. [alyfan, permit, allow]
almighty adj. [ælmihtig, almighty]
alms n. [ælmesse, alms] A Latin borrowing (eleemosyna).
along adv. [andlang, continuous, extended]
always adv. [aelne weg, always]
amid prep. [onmiddan, in the middle of]
among prep. [on gemonge, in the crowd]
an adj. [an, a, an, one, only]
and conj. [ond, and]
angle n. [angel, fishhook]
answer v. [andswariann, answer]
answer n. [andswarun, answer]
ant n. [æmete, ant]
anthem n. [antefn, anthem] A Latin borrowing (antiphona).
any adj. [ænig, any]
ape n. [apa, ape]
apple n. [æppel, fruit, apple; also, eyeball, anything round]
are v. [aron, are] See the verb to be.
arise v. [arisan, arise]
ark n. [arc, chest] A Latin borrowing (arc).
arrow n. [earh, arwe, arrow]
arm n. [earm, arm] A Latin borrowing, armus, shoulder
as prep. [ealswa, entirely so, just so]
ash n. [æsce, asce, ash (residue)]
ash n. [æsc, ash (tree)]
ask v. [ascian, ask]
(a)sunder adv. [sundor, apart]
at prep. [æt, at, from]
awaken v. [aweccan, awaken, arouse]
awe n. [ege, fear, terror]
awl n. [awel, awl]
ax n. [æx, ax]
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