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C c
calf n. [cealf, young cow] But not the body part.
callow adj. [calu, bare, bald]
can v. [cunnan, can]
can n. [canne, cup]
candle n. [candel, candle] A Latin borrowing.
canon n. [canon, canon, rule]
cap n. [cæppe, cap]
capon n. [capun, capon]
care n.[cearo, care, trouble, sorrow]
carve v. [ceorfan, carve, hew out]
cat n. [catte, cat]
chaff n. [ceaf, chaff]
chalk n. [cealc, chalk]
chary adv. [cearig, sorrowful]
cheap adj. [from ceap, business, trade] "Good cheap" was a bargain.
cheek n. [ceace, cheek]
cheese n. [ciese, cheese]
chest n. [cest, chest]
-chester n. [ceaster, town] As in Manchester, Winchester, etc.
chew v. [ceowan, chew]
chicken n. [cicen, a chicken]
child n. [cild, an infant, baby, adolescent, offspring]
chill, n. [ciele, a chill, cold]
chin n. [cin, chin]
chirk v. [cearcian, creek]
choke v. [aceocian, choke]
choose v. [ceosan, choose]
church n. [circe, a church]
churl n. [ceorl, peasant, yeoman, free man of the lowest rank]
churn n. [cyrin, a churn]
cinder n. [sinder, cinder]
clap v. [clæppan, clap]
clatter n. [clatrunge, a clattering noise]
claw n. [clawu, claw]
clay n. [clæg, clay]
clean adj. [clæne, clean, pure]
cleanse v. [clænsian, cleanse]
cleave v. [cleofan, split, cleave] Cleave, cleft (or cleaved, or clove, or clave), cleft (or cleaved, or cloven)!
cleave v. [clifan, adhere, cleave]
clench v. [beclencean, hold fast]
clew n. [cliwen, clew]
cliff n. [clif, clift]
climb v. [climban, climg]
cling v. [clingan, cling]
clip v. [clyppan, embrace]
clot n. [clott, lump, mass]
cloth n. [clath, cloth]
clothe v. [clathian, clothe]
clothes n. [clathas, plural of cloth]
cloud n. [clud, rocky mass, hill]
cloudy adv. [cludig, cloudy]
clout n. [clut, clout]
clove n. [clufu, clove]
clover n. [clafre, trefoil]
cluck v. [cloccian, cluck]
cluster n. [clyster, cluster]
clutch v. [clyccan, grasp]
coal n. [col, coal]
cod n. [codd, bag]
cock b. [coce, cock]
cold n. [cald, cold]
cold adj. [cald, cold]
colt n. [colt, colt]
comb n. [camb, comb]
come v. [cuman, come]
cook n. [coc, cook]
cool v. [colian, cool]
copper n. [coper, copper]
corn n. [corn, corn]
cot(tage) n. [cot, cottage]
cough v. [cohettan, cough]
cove n. [cofa, chamber, cave]
cow n. [cu, cow]
crab n. [crabba, crab]
crack v. [cracian, crack]
cradle n. [cradol, cradle]
craft n. [cræft, trade, skill, force]
cram v. [crammian, cram]
crane n. [cran, crane]
crank n. [cranc, crank]
creep v. [creopan, creep]
crib n. [cribb, crib]
cringe v. [crincgan, fall, perish]
cripple n. [crypel, cripple]
crisp adj. [crisp, crisp]
crock n. [croc, crock]
crop n. [crop, crop]
cross n. [cros, cros] A Viking borrowing.
crow n. [crawe, crow]
crowd v. [crudan, crowd]
crumb n. [cruma + b, crumb]
crutch n. [crycc, crutch]
cup n. [cuppe, cup]
curse v. [cursian, curse]
cuttle(fish) n. [cudele, cuttle(fish)]
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