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L l

ladder n. [hlæder;, ladder]
lair n. [heger;, bed]
land n. [land;, land, country]
last v. [læstan perform, carry out, continue, stand by, support]
latch (onto) v. [læccan capute, catch]
laugh v. [hliehhan laugh] A Class 6 strong verb.
laughter n. [hleahtor; laughter]
lay v. [lecgan lay. place]
lead v. [lædan lead,bring,lift]
leap v. [hleapan leap] A Class 7 strong verb (leap, lept, lept).
learn v. [læran teach, advise]
learn v. [leornian learn, study]
learner n. [leornere scholar, study]
learning n. [liornung, learning]
least adj. [læst less, smaller] Superlative of lytel (little)
leather n. [leðer, leather]
leave v. [læfan leave, bequeath]
lent n. [lencten, the spring season]
-less adj. [leas devoid of, withouts] As in (child)less, (home)less.
less adv. [læs less]
less adj. [læssa less, smaller] Comparative of lytel (little)
let v. [læt leet, allow]
lewd v. [læwde unlearned]
life n. [lif life]
like adj. [gelice like]
like v. [lician please]
light n. [leoht, light]
limb n. [lim, limb]
lime n. [lim, sticky material, birdlime (cement)]
linen adj. [linen, linen, made of flax]
listen v. [hlystan; listen]
lithe adj. [liÞe gentle, kind]
little n. [lyt, few, little]
little adj. [lytel, little]
load v. [hladan; load] A Class 6 string verb.
loaf n. [hlaf, bread, a loaf of bread]
loan v. [læn loan]
loathe(some) adj. [lað hateful]
lobster n. [loppestre, lobster]
lock n. [loc, enclosure, sheephold]
lock v. [lucian, lock, join, enclose]
long adv. [lange long, for a long time]
look v. [locian, look]
lore adv. [lar teaching, doctrinel]
lose v. [losian, escape, be lost, perish]
loud adj. [hlud, loud]
love n. [lufu, love]
love v. [lufian, love]
lox adv. [leax salmon] By way of Yiddish.
lust n. [lust, desire]
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