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N n

nail n. [nægl, nail, fingernail]
naked adj. [nacod, naked]
name n. [nama, name]
name v. [nemnan, call, name]
narrow adj. [nearo, narrow, near, close]
narrowly adv. [nearolice, densely]
naught n. [nawight, nothing]
near adv. [neah, near]
needle n. [nædl, needle]
neither adj. [naþer, neither]
neither conj. [nohwæðer, neither]
nephew n. [nefa, nephew]
net n. [nett,et]
nether adv. [niþer, downwards]
never adv. [næfre, never]
nevertheless conj. [no þe læs, nevertheless]
new adj. [niwe, new]
night n. [niht, night]
no adv. [na, no, no, by no means, not at all, never]
none pron., adj. [nan, none, not one, nat any, no]
northern adv. [norðan, from the north]
nostril n. [nosþyrl, nostril]
not adv. [noht,not]
now adv., conj. [nu, now that, now]
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