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O o

oak n. [ac, oak]
oar n. [ar, oar]
oath n. [, oath]
of prep. [of, from]
offer v. [offrain, offer, sacrifice]
offering n. [offrung, offering, sacrifice]
offspring n. [ofspring, offspring]
oft(en) adv. [oft, often]
oil n. [ele, oil]
old adj.[eald, old, ancient]
on prep. [on, on, onto, upon, in, into]
on adv. [on, on, onward]
open adj. [open,open]
open v. [openian, open]
openly adv. [openlice, openly]
ore n. [ar, copper]
other adj. [oðer, other, another, next]
our adj. [ure, our]
out adv. [ut, out]
over prep. [ofer, over, after]
overcome v. [ofercuman, overcome]
owe v. [agan, possess, own, have]
ox n. [oxa, ox]
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