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E e
earl n. [eorl, nobleman]
each pron.[ælc, each, every]
ear n. [eare, organ of hearing]
earn v.t. [earnian, to earn, merit]
earth n. [ieorðe, the planet we live on]
earthling n. [ierðling, earthling]
east adv. [east, east]
eat v. [etan, eat]
edge n. [ecg, edge., sword]
eerie adj. [earh, cowardly]
eight num. [eathe, eight]
either pron. [ægðer, each, both]
eke v. [ycan, increase, cause to grow]
elders n. [ieldran, elders, ancesotrs]
end n. [ende, end]
ere adv. [ær before, previously]
errand n. [ærende, message]
even adv. [efne, even, only]
evening n [æfen, evening]
ever adv. [æfre, forever, always, ever]
evil n. [yfel, evil, harm]
eye n. [eage, the organ of vision or sight]
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