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OSWG CVS Good to Go, and Other Notes

Site Addition

    Oct 24, 1999 - A new Writer's Online Bookshelf section has been added to the website. This includes links to books and documentation specific to open-source docs, as well as style guides and articles/books about technical writing. If you know of any other online resources that should be added to the list, please, send a note. Also added is the beginnings of a Writing Tools page. Obviously the page is not complete, and if you know of any other tools that should be part of the list, let us know.

GNOME Documentation Project

    Oct 21, 1999 - The GNOME Documentation Project announced today that it has been reorganized and revitalized. With the reorganization and the addition of new writers, the GDP will be able to keep the user and development communities more up to date, and to make sure that all of GNOME has documentation. As always, the GDP is looking for more people to help, so zip over to their website if you're interested, and sign up.

    The GNOME project page has been updated to include the new site URL.

OSWG Man Page Project

    Oct 20, 1999 - As mentioned on the mailing list, there are a significant number of programs that come with various Linux distributions that do not have accompanying man pages. This is a pretty significant gap in Linux documentation, because most people are taught to "read the man page" when they first need to learn about a program.

    In an attempt to help fill this documentation gap, the OSWG Man Page Project has been started. The project page might take a while to load because, well, there's a list of 744 programs that are missing man pages included. Yes, 744.

    If you would like to help out with this (and the more the merrier...this could take a while), please send a note. Any and all help is much appreciated -- a credits list will be added to the project page when people volunteer.

New OSWG Site

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