open source writers group


    The following is a list of writers who have expressed interest in volunteering to work on documentation for Open Source projects. If you are involved in such a project that needs writers, you should contact one or more of the people listed below to see if they're interested in helping out.

    If you are a writer who would like to be added to this list of volunteers, please send a note.

Deb Richardson
    Two years professional writing experience, working with Word, RoboHelp, SGML/XML single-sourcing techniques, Component-Based Information Design (CBID), HTML. Major projects: documentation for the OmniMark programming language (OmniMark 4.0, OmniMark 5), and the OmniMark Integrated Development Environment. Founder of the Open Source Writers Group and LinuxChix ( Currently working for The Puffin Group.
    I am the senior DBA at Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium. My most recent article is appearing in the July 1999 issue of SysAdmin Journal.
Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier
    2.5 years experience with Linux; B.A. Degree in English; B.A. Degree in Communications/Journalism; experience writing for broadcast news; 3 years HTML; writing and editing publications for, as well as marketing.
Kevin Cullis
    Interested in working as a writer or editor, particularly on cross-platform stuff (ie: Netatalk) -- anything that shares information between different platforms and computers. Writing experience includes writing policy and procedures for the military as well as articles for newspapers.
Dave Scott
    Fifteen years of professional IT & technical writing experience. Tools include FrameMaker, Forehelp, HTML Help, Word, Cindex. I am the editor of Coast Lines, the STC (Society of Technical Communicators) Canada West Coast newsletter. Specific interests include indexing and localization issues. I hold a B.Sc. and a certificate in technical writing.
Jean-Louis Boers
    I have a technical background in aviation and computing. I am a Sr. Aircraft mechanic for FedEx and a Contract Computer Consultant / Administrator for Hamilton Beach-Proctor Silex. English is my preferred language for writing although I speak, read, and write Dutch as well (I would consider a small Dutch language OS project or translation project). Previous writing skills relate to aircraft related projects in my career as a Sr. Mechanic. My main interest is in "OS stuff for newbies", and Linux GUIs/window managers, but would consider any OS related project.
Douglas Robinson
    I hold both B.A. and M.A. degrees in English with experience in review writing. On the technical side, I hold a CNE certification and can code in multiple languages, including C. I have a great deal of experience in systems management and understand the need for clear, concise documentation.
Larry Kollar
    Nearly 17 years of technical writing experience, some of which related to products working on Unix systems. Extensive background in data communucations. Familiar with troff, MS Word, FrameMaker, HTML. Learning XML as time allows. Scripting skills include awk, AppleScript, and TCL/Tk. Wrote short utilities in C, but not lately. Past contributions include HOWTOs for NetBSD-mac68k. Currently have access to MkLinux, LinuxPPC, and MacOS systems. I'm not afraid of the console prompt, and I don't mind wading around in code (with a little orientation)
James Ervin
    I'm a tech writer at a health plan in North Texas. One year of experience writing Mainframe and PC help and developing Intranet sites. Use Word, RoboHelp, Framemaker, and Dreamweaver. For seven years I taught composition and literature at the community college level. I'm obsessed with Linux and interested in web design tools, and, lately, in cryptography. But I'll document anything that feeds my obsession.
Simon North
    Currently senior tech writer for Synopsys (EDA sofotware). 16 years experience as technical writer, covering a wide variety of software and hardware. 27 years in software; software QA auditor (CMM). Very few software packages I don't know. WinHelp / HTMLHelp / SGML / XML / HyTime. Co-wrote "Presenting XML" plus various other books. Author of "Teach yourself XML in 21 days" (ISBN 1-5752-1396-6). Fluent in English, French, Dutch & German. 20 years experience in translating; F/E, E/F, NL/E, E/NL, D/E.
Sean Lamb
    I'm currently working on completing my BS degree in Computer Science at Lakeland College (begun earlier at the University of California, Riverside). I've been involved in computer support for the past 6 years, via phone, fax, and email, and I have created documentation for use by end users (some articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base) and other support staff (published in-house as either individual documents or on the support intranet). I have written articles for Linux Gazette and contributed some chapters to "Special Edition Using KDE" from Que publishing (due in print November 99). I have done some application development on MS-DOS platforms and have begun developing a pair of applications for my Linux box.
Gervase Markham
    University student; 6 months at software house writing in C, C++, etc. Very good command of English, but no other (human) languages. Quick learner. Written bespoke docs for small company; complimented on clarity and user-friendliness. Involved with Linux help websites and collaborating on writing a Linux newbie book.
Theresa Flynn
    I have a BA in English & History, and 2+ years writing software documentation on Unix systems using FrameMaker. Mostly GIS image processing and 3D visualization, as well as other remote sensing software packages. I've always done editing. I'd mainly be interested in documenting anything for Linux PPC, since that's what we run on the Mac at home. I like to use the software I'm documenting, just to make sure I get the necessary information from the developers.
Craig Paterson
    years studying Computer Science at Aberdeen University. Experience programming in C, C++, Perl, PHP, JavaScript (among others) on a Unix platform. Highly proficient HTML, DHTML, and general command of web technologies.

    Currently Webmaster of the UK arm of a major computing Web site. Additionally, write reviews and technical articles for PC Magazine UK, PC Gaming World (UK) on a regular basis. Trained in sub-editing, and act as technical consultant and editor for news team.

    I rarely have time to commit to long-term coding efforts outside of work, so writing and editing seems like an ideal way to contribute to the Open Source community.

Mike Gunderloy
    I've been writing and publishing since I was 10, and that was mumble-mumble years ago. I've published books over the years on anarchy, zines, computers and other stuff. I founded, published, edited and wrote the bulk of FACTSHEET FIVE (a review of the underground and independent press movement) for ten years. Most recently I've been trapped in the Micro$oft world.

    Most recent writing project: SQL SERVER IN RECORD TIME (Sybex). Most recent technical edit: MASTERING AUTOCAD 2000 (also Sybex).

    It's time for me to branch out a bit. I would like to get involved in a relatively small Open Source project some time during calendar 1999.

Michael S. Keller
    Ten years system administration experience, with three years on Linux and seven on Unix. Some professional writing experience, with one article in the March 1998 issue of Linux Journal and another in the publication queue. More writing opportunities desired.
Jason Fletcher
    Degrees in Philosophy and Computer Science.

    Lately I've come into the Linux game; while I've been impressed with the amount of information and documentation on the subject, I've been somewhat dismayed at the lack of accessibility to that information. I am of the opinion that the information needs a stratification system in which there are good, solid guidelines on what constitutes beginner, intermediate, expert, and wizard information.

    I programmed in Java for a bit before settling into my current role as a C/C++ programmer and fledging sysadmin.

Mike Simpson
    Currently Senior Programmer/Analyst in the Division of Information Technology at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Formerly a Senior Instructor in the Training Division of Bluestone Software, Inc.

    Seven years of experience writing and teaching in the IT field. BA in Communications from the Annenberg School of the University of Pennsylvania. Broad OS (AIX/Solaris/Linux, BeOS, WinNT) and programming (C/C++, Perl, Python, Scheme, SQL) knowledge.

Arien Malec
    I have 5 years experience presenting technical material to technical and non-technical audiences, in a marketing, sales, and consulting capacity. I have strong writing skills in English, read French well, and can translate French/English, and review French translations for accuracy. I have moderately strong coding skills, and quite strong database skills, and can achieve at least a strong beginner standing in most languages and applications. I have worked with XML/SGML, including the SGMLTools suite, and MS Help and HTMLHelp.
Rafael Kaufmann
    After graduating from the Brazilian Institute for Computer Research (IBPI), Rafael Kaufmann worked for various clients, corporate and otherwise, as a freelance programmer, system analyst and consultant. He has also written various articles and papers on subjects such as client-server application design, theory of programming and programming logic, and platform-independent data modeling; many of these were published in Brazil's top technical magazines and websites. His latest job was a four-month stint at Projeto Prossiga, an endeavor of the Brazilian National Center for Science and Technology Research (CNPq), an organ of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MCT), in the area of Internet-aided research. Kaufmann has joined forces with his old friend and graphic designer Marcio Kelmanson to create the Internet media production company Kiai! WebStudios. He also coordinates day-to-day activities at ITBrasil, working on software bugs, helping out with content sorting, and writing the occasional article.
Steve Tornio
    I've been running Linux exclusively for a reasonably short time (six months or so (as of June 1999)), and I've found that the most effective way for me to learn is to write what I know for others. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in English, and work as an NT admin, so my writing and networking skills are fairly keen, and I'm always eager to learn more.
Andrew Bowser
    Freelance writer on technology, business, medicine and general interest (7 years experience). B.A. in Economics/Journalism. Interested in working with developers of user-friendly GNOME-like applications, or developers of more technical products (development tools, etc.) who need clear and easy-to-read documentation.
Alec Riddle
    I am a clinical psychologist (PhD), experienced in writing fiction as well as nonfiction, very adept at conveying information tailored to a specific audience. My technical writing has been primarily within my profession and has included scripts for training films, treatment manuals, and marketing copy for clinical practices. I am also a beta tester for Powerquest, Inc.

    With regard to computers and software, I am entirely self-taught. In addition to the obligatory experience with DOS, Windows, and related apps, I am familiar with C, C++, Tcl/Tk, HTML, Java, and shell programming. I have been running Linux for a little over two years, currently Red Hat 6.0.

Travis Ogdon
    I have 2+ years experience as a technical writer for a major software vendor, and have written both documentation as well as help/troubleshooting files. I have a BS in CSMT, and I have been using Linux for over three years. 5+ years of HTML experience, 3+ years of C/C++. English is my first language, however, I can also speak and write in German (although not as well).
Greg Alexander
    I'm primarily a programmer, but I find the current state of programmer-usable documentation to be really deplorable. I'm looking for projects that want writers to go through and thoroughly document the code (either from the inside with comments, or from the outside with descriptions of relevant functions, data structures, protocols, and program flow information [like the Linux kernel hackers' guide]). I've not really got any professional writing background. I am a strong writer, but have little interest for writing for end users/etc. Documentation can change an obsoleted but huge derelict of a source tree into a working codebase that can be added to and upgraded.
Russ Goring
    I'm a technical project manager at a large European investment bank, who still gets a chance to do real work! As such, I have broad technical skills, and am intimately familiar with user and techy focused documentation. In a previous working life I used to write and present techncial training courses - everything from basic Unix skills, through C++ and on to Unix/RDBMS administration.
Brian Joslin
    Writing and computer experience include: writing code about 10 years ago (Pascal, C, Basic, and Fortran); experienced with Windows 95/98, Microsoft Word and Excel; currently studying Red Hat Linux OS and building a server based on this OS. Interests include: improving my knowledge of the Unix/Linux OS environment, and gaining a working knowledge of various programming languages.
Michele Petrovsky
    Author of Optimizing Bandwidth (McGraw-Hill, 1998); Implementing CDF Channels (McGraw-Hill, 1998); Dynamic HTML in Action (Osborne/McGraw-Hill, 1997); Microsoft Internet Information Server Sourcebook (John Wiley & Sons, 1997). Co-author of Hip-Pocket Guide to UNIX (IDG Books, 1998). Contributing author of Upgrading and Repairing Networks (Que/MacMillan, 1995).
Craig Sprout
    I'm not too concerned about being involved in any particular area of expertise, but my particular "expertise" might be best catagorized as WWW-type applications. I have been working with computers in one way or another for 17 years.
Joe Gannon
    8 years of writing experience that includes technical writing, communications, editing, and web writing. Have worked for Fortune 500 companies and major trade publishers. 3 years experience with HTML development. Proficient with web technologies. I currently am Document Publishing Manager for a consulting firm.
Idowu Ashiru
    I have over 15 years business and promotional communication experience and 2 years technical writing experience. Tools include RoboHelp, Visio, Photoshop, MS Office 97 Suite, HTML and Java Visual J++.
Simon Rumble
    I am a professional tech writer writing various manuals and help for a kernel-level Unix tool. I don't code beyond basic scripting, so don't expect me to read the code. I run Linux on my desktops and servers and know my way around it quite well.

    I can write in HTML, SGML, Framemaker, troff (if forced) and probably about anything else. I'm willing to work on any cool projects that grab my interest, so try pitching it to me. I'll only work on GPL and compatible licenses: Artistic and BSD don't count -- I get paid to write under restrictive licenses so don't expect me to do it for free. Expect Australian conventions of English to be used if I'm authoring or translating, but I'll proof other conventions.

Jason T. Willebeek-LeMair
    6+ years experience as a professional technical communicator. Currently working on a M.A. in Technical Communication in my spare time. I have written software documentation for mainframe and PC applications, administration documentation for network systems, and hardware manuals for telecommunications systems (VME- and CompactPCI-based systems).
Glenn Berlow
    I write for, for a topic called "Linux for Business Applications". The real goal of that work is to introduce applications and to promote the use of Open Source software. In our office we run all flavours of Linux, on about 6 different machines. We do web servers on Linux, hosting, training, etc. I can proofread well, and understand writing for "non-techies" on the web. I have some extra time to devote to this community project.
Robert Desmond
    I am working on a pair of BAs: one in physics, one in literature (emphasis on analysis). For technicals, I have been a computer hardware technician for four years, and a consultant for two. I have an innate ability to translate programmer/engineer-speak into English that everyone can understand. I tend to be best at writing instructional pieces, but can create general documents as well. I am a student with a job, so my time may be limited, but I would enjoy working in the Open Source community in this way (since I can't program worth beans). I also have a limited Spanish-speaking capability.
Bill Kent
    Ten+ years experience in supporting PC hardware and software. Have worked with Linux for 4 years, concentrating mainly on the networking aspects. 5+ years Networking/Telecom experience designing global WANs, MANs and LANs for a Fortune 50 company. Provide support and documentation for routers, switches and hubs in a multi-server (DEC, Cisco, 3Com, Cabletron, Fore), multi-protocol (TCP/IP, DECnet, AppleTalk), multi-technology (ATM, Frame Relay, ISDN, FDDI, 10/100 Ethernet, remote access), environment. Design SNMP monitoring systems to provide real-time and/or proactive fault management of the network. Have written for the in-house newsletter and once for a Cobb Group newsletter. I have a BA in Computer Science (yes, a BA) with minor in Business Administration.
Robert Jones
    I have 4 years of Unix experience, mostly with Linux. I'm a professional system administrator at a relatively large internet presence provider, responsible for many different aspects of the system. As far as writing, I majored in journalism at UNC-Chapel Hill, studied creative-writing in school, and I write the docs for my own software.
Marion Green
    Although my university degree is in English, I have been a system professional for many years, primarily as a system analyst/programmer, support analyst and system manager. Over the years I have done writing in the form of system specifications, technical specifications, presentations, operations manuals and support manuals. On a volunteer basis, I have written shareware software reviews for the Shareware Junkies website.
Matthew Callaway
    I have been a Linux user since 1994, beginning as a laboratory research assistant, and network administrator. Since then I have developed skills as an administrator, and programmer, tester, and debugger of code for the Linux platform. I have a BS degree in physics and mathematics, and a MS degree in astrophysics. I have been published as primary author on a research paper in the Astrophysical Journal. I am currently employed as a programmer/analyst consultant for U.S. Cellular Corporation. I am familiar with a variety of UNIX flavored operating systems, including Linux, Irix, and HP-UX. I have programming experience in C and Perl.
Travis Pugh
    Two years daily newspaper writing and editing, 4 years HTML, MS Word, vi, willing to work in any format. 5 years network engineering. Knowledge of multiprotocol networking, routing using OSPF, RIP, BGP4, EIGRP, others. Comfortable with Appletalk, DECnet, SNA; fluent in IPX, IP. WAN experience with fractional or full T1/T3, SONET, ATM. 3 years on Linux and BSD platforms, along with Solaris, MS. Specialized knowledge of high-availability network environments. Available for documentation projects including, but not limited to, PPP, routing, firewalls, tunneling, LANE, RAS services, or anything that happens across a network.
Wayne Collins
    I am a Professor at Mohawk College in the Computer Science department. I have good programming skills in C, Perl, Assembly Language (Intel) and UNIX shells. My formal education is a B.Sc. in Geology & Physics (McMaster U.) and a Technology Diploma in Computer Electronics (Mohawk C.). My work experience is in the Electronics Industry and the Banking Industry. I am a Certified Lotus Professional (Lotus Notes SysAdmin). I have worked with Linux, QNX, OS/2, NT, and Windows 9X operating systems.
Owen Bossola
    I've been using Linux and programming in various languages such as C/C++/Perl over the last few years. I have a strong interest in computers, linux, and mainly the open source community. I have written for my school's various newspapers over the last few years.
Chris Lyttle
    I work as a support specialist who frequently has to do documentation for users unfamiliar with software installation and use. My experience is that I ran the user support for an ISP in New Zealand for 3 years before moving to the US. I have worked since March 1997 at HRL Laboratories in their helpdesk, supporting approximately 350 users. I have been a Linux/FreeBSD user/admin since 1994.
Michael Pearce
    My background is primarily that of a programmer, having been coding professionally for about ten years. I know a variety of languages, including C, and have developed quite extensively for Unix, and less so for MS-DOS and MS Windows. I spent some time coding for ircd-hybrid, the IRC server most commonly used on EFnet. I have written fairly large amounts of documentation for my own coding projects, so I am not new to technical writing.
Shohini Sengupta
    I am a professional technical writer interested in learning more about Linux and the Open Source movement in general. I have five years technical writing experience and a B.A. in Rhetoric and Professional Writing. I have written user guides, software developer's kits and online help for wireless hardware technology, touch-screen technology, market research software and (currently) capital markets software. Two of the three web sites I have designed are still up and running. I know Word, Framemaker, Robohelp, HTML, Visio, Photoshop, DRAW & Photo-Paint, and most of the other basic tools. I'd like to join a larger project as a proofreader or editor, or a smaller project as a writer depending on the schedule.
Melanie Shook
    I have two years experience freelance writing magazine articles, corporate press releases, newsletters, documentation of a database management program, an on-line travel manual, and my screenplay was just optioned by a Hollywood production company. I can do basic HTML proramming. I have an M.A. in Linguistics and a B.A. in Linguistics and Philosophy.
Deborah L. Crossman
    With 15 years of experience in technical writing as a consultant/freelancer, my background is quite diverse. My strongest areas of experience/interest would include computers/software applications, medicine, science, research, academia, grants/proposals, business (e.g., marketing, finance, etc.), legal system, mental and public health (including psychology and psychiatry), statistical analysis, and survey design.

    I am skilled with a wide range of computer applications and systems, excluding those used with the MAC. I can work with most any operating system. My applications skills include, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, FrontPage, Adobe products including FrameMaker, PageMaker, WordPerfect, Quicken, MS Publisher, Paint Shop Pro, HTML, WinHelp, RoboHelp, Visual Basic, BASIC, C, FORTRAN, UNIX code, SPSS, and SAS. In addition, I have a strong background in electronic media, including E-mail, Internet, electronic research (WWW), web authoring, online documentation and help systems, and e-commerce.

Ryan Bridges
    I am a 20-year-old GNU/Linux enthusiast with extensive experience in all areas of the operating system. My interests are the Linux Kernel, PERL, Advanced Technology, Security, Cryptography, Programming, and Games. I am Co-author of Upgrading and Repairing PCs, Linux Edition. My interests go far and wide, and I am always eager to see new software.
Tim Parker
    Dr. Tim Parker has written over 50 books and 1,200 magazine articles. His latest books are "Linux System Administrator's Survival Guide, Second Edition" from Sams and "Linux To Go" from Prentice-Hall. Ten of his books have been about Linux, including the best-selling "Linux Unleashed" series. Tim is the Technical Editor of "SCO World Magazine", Contributing Editor to a dozen other magazines including "UNIX Review" and "Windows NT Systems", and the editor of "UNIQUE: The UNIX Systems Information Source". Tim began his career as a programmer and analyst then started writing professionally in 1981.
Joe Gannon
    8 years of writing experience that includes technical writing, communications, editing, and web writing. Have worked for Fortune 500 companies and a major trade publisher. 3 years experience with HTML development. Proficient with web technologies. I currently am Document Publishing Manager for a consulting firm.
Melissa Kucbel-Saumier
    With two years of experience in technical writing and a Bachelor in French Studies, I write and create online and hardcopy documentation in English and French. My fields of interest (and knowledge) include Internet software, commuication hardware (modems, ISDN cards), networks, SQL, and general telecommunications. I work with FrameMaker, RoboHELP, and other authoring tools to produce documents in a variety of formats. I also have an excellent knowledge of HTML and Cascading Style Sheets. I would be willing to contribute to a project part-time.
Marc Brooks
    I am a professional technical writer interested in learning more about Linux and the Open Source movement in general. I have five years technical writing experience in a software development environment and a B.A. in English. I have written user guides, technical reference guides, online help, and training materials. I'm proficient in Word, Framemaker, Robohelp, HTML, Visio, and most of the other basic tools.
Paul Dunne
    I'm a freelance writer of some four years standing, writing articles mainly for the computer press in Britain and the States, although I am based in Germany right now. My webpage has some of my work on it.
Bernard Tyers
    I'm an electronic engineering student in the Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland. I am a member of the Irish Linux Users Group (, and have been using *nix for about 3 years. I wrote my first article for the ILUG, which was about dual-booting Win9* wtih SuSE Linux. It was featured on LinuxToday.

    My interests are Linux, wireless communications, operating systems, and system security.

Rahul Sinha
    I have used Linux at school since 1994, and at home since 1997. I am in college working towards a CS degree, as well as a Political Science degree (University of Maryland College Park). I work at the Global Landcover facility, a joint venture between NASA and the UM Institute for Advanced Computer Studies.

    I am familiar with Perl (and Perl/TK), C&&C++, gtk, tcl(/tk and /expect) and networked programming.

Adam Linford
    I am currently in the final year of a computer communications degree in England. I have been using Linux for over a year. My professional experience includes 2 years of system administration, and one year of providing network solutions. I have been involved in producing documentation for each of the projects I have worked on, and would be more than willing to give something back to the community that has provided me with so much.
Steve Winston
    I am an ESL department head at an adult school in California. I was a newspaper reporter for 11 years before I started teaching. I won journalism awards in New Mexico and California. I am fluent in Spanish and English, and I am helping to translate GNU stuff into Spanish. And I am a drooling, raving Linux fanatic.
Gary Hypes
    I've been a technical editor/writer for 20 years, covering both software and hardware, and I've worked in both PC and Unix environments. I've worked with nroff/troff packages, MS Word, Word Perfect, Ventura Publisher, Framebuilder, Frame Maker, and a variety of HTML/SGML editors and conversion tools. I'm just beginning to get involved in Linux.
Henry Meyerding
    More than ten years experience as a professional technical writer and lead writer with major emphasis on software documentation. Additional experience includes web development, localization, white papers, project management, and personnel development. Linux, Solaris, SCO, Framemaker, Pagemaker, Star Office, Applixware, and the usual MS applications. Prior engineering and system administration experience.
Andrew G. Feinberg
    Andrew G. Feinberg ( is a Debian GNU/Linux developer with an interest in using Free Software in education, is a writer at and has been published several times in Linux Journal.
Fred Dunn
    I am a Computer Systems Engineer and Technical Documentation Writer. After about 20 years in the computer related industry, it's about time I put my hand up and offered something back other than commercially oriented products.

    My brief education outline is as follows: BApSci, Information Management (IT); BApSci, Mathematics (Ops Research); PhD, Dissertation titled "Pornographic Censorship of the Internet for Minors" 1995; MCSE, A+ Cert.

    Writing styles include the following products and OS: All MS products, HTML, DHTML, CGI; VMS, AS400; Win3.1, 95, 98, NT; Unix (SCO and Berkeley).

Wade Hampton
    Author of a Mini-howto and contributor to several Linux howtos. Linux user, minor contributor since 1993. Unix/Xenix user since 1985. Author of numerous internal interface documents (ICDs), technical notes, software design documents, design documents, etc. Development in C, C++, shell, and TCL/TK (almost all for internal projects).

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