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    The following is a list of proofreaders who have expressed interest in volunteering to work on documentation for Open Source projects. If you are involved in such a project that needs proofreading work done, you should contact one or more of the people listed below to see if they're interested in helping out.

    If you are willing to do proofreading work and would like to be added to this list of volunteers, please send a note.

James McPherson
    amiliar with DOS, Windows, Mac 7.5+, Linux 2.0.+. 3 years experience with dial-up internet technical support including management and training. Developed user software installation manual for ISP. Minor non-technical writing credits. Currently performing desktop & network support and finishing last semester of B.S. Civil Engineering.
Ivo Jansch
    I'm an editor for (Dutch Open Source Pages). I've translated some articles for this site (among which are the Open Source Definition and the Halloween I document) and proofread a lot fo work for others. I'm willing to do English-Dutch and Dutch-English translations for any Open Source project that needs help, as well as proofreading of documentation (Dutch or English).
Craig Sprout
    I'm not too concerned about being involved in any particular area of expertise, but my particular "expertise" might be best catagorized as WWW-type applications. I have been working with computers in one way or another for 17 years.
Simon Rumble
    I am a professional tech writer writing various manuals and help for a kernel-level Unix tool. I don't code beyond basic scripting, so don't expect me to read the code. I run Linux on my desktops and servers and know my way around it quite well. I can write in HTML, SGML, Framemaker, troff (if forced) and probably about anything else. I'm willing to work on any cool projects that grab my interest, so try pitching it to me. I'll only work on GPL and compatible licenses: Artistic and BSD don't count -- I get paid to write under restrictive licenses so don't expect me to do it for free. Expect Australian conventions of English to be used if I'm authoring or translating, but I'll proof other convetions.
Robin Miller
    Senior Editor and Columnist for online. Linux user. Capable of translating geek-speak into English while retaining original meaning. Accurate proofreader. Over 10 years hard-core non-fiction writing and editing experience. Can also provide PR help for worthy open source projects. (Limited availability due to crushing workload at Andover and many freelance commitments.)
Sanjeev Gupta
    I have worked extensively in publishing books with LaTeX, using OS tools. A good command of the English language.
Karsten Hilbert
    I'd like to devote some time to proofreading English or German and translating English/German either direction. Open Source software only.

    Background: German and American diploma, (sort of) certified translator for Medical English, approaching last year of med school, linux sys admin in doctor's office, translated Linux Info Sheet from English to German (joint effort with other people).

Rajiv A.R
    Currently I am a graduate student in CS. I have programming & sys admin experience on Linux/Intel platform. Knowledge of C, Perl. Love reading source code and technical documentation. Worked in HTML, Latex. Fluency in English.
Kyle Green
    I'm currently seeking a BS in Secondary Education (majoring in English) from the University of Maine at Presque Isle. I have a strong interest in language -- particularly the English language and its techncialities -- and have a strong aversion to incomprehensible and unclear documentation.

    I would be more than willing to proofread documentation for any project that is Linux- or Mac OS-based.

Shohini Sengupta
    I am a professional technical writer interested in learning more about Linux and the Open Source movement in general. I have five years technical writing experience and a B.A. in Rhetoric and Professional Writing. I have written user guides, software developer's kits and online help for wireless hardware technology, touch-screen technology, market research software and (currently) capital markets software. Two of the three web sites I have designed are still up and running. I know Word, Framemaker, Robohelp, HTML, Visio, Photoshop, DRAW & Photo-Paint, and most of the other basic tools. I'd like to join a larger project as a proofreader or editor, or a smaller project as a writer depending on the schedule.
Ryan Bridges
    I am a 20-year-old GNU/Linux enthusiast with extensive experience in all areas of the operating system. My interests are the Linux Kernel, PERL, Advanced Technology, Security, Cryptography, Programming, and Games. I am Co-author of Upgrading and Repairing PCs, Linux Edition. My interests go far and wide, and I am always eager to see new software.
Kelly Martin
    I have an undergrad degree in general studies and am currently a law student with all the writing experience that entails. I also used to edit, type, and proofread papers professionally (before going to law school). I've been using Linux since 1996 and Unix since 1987, and was a system administrator (VMS) for two years.
Vincent Cunniffe
    I am a 26 year old software engineer. I have been interested in computers for 18 years, and have built and maintained my own computers as well as coding. I have excellent English skills, and have done proofreading and editing work before.
Tyler Gaede
    I'm 20 and seeking a CS degree -- halfway there. I have experience in several programming languages: C++, COM, Java (Java2), assembly, SQL, and asp. I also have experience in Windows, DOS, and Linux.
Peter J. McKenna
    I am available for proofreading texts written in the English language. I have a great deal of experience in areas of technical support, media design, administration, and a plethora of others. I have been in the field of computers for about 7 years, and have found myself entertaining my new disciplines. My grasp of the English language is firm, and my verbosity is second to some. I welcome submissions for any and all areas of computing.
Tom Coady
    Linux user since 1994, 8 years of Solaris experience, 20 years Wxx, 10 years technical writing with Ericsson. I've always wanted to contribute to Linux, but have never got around to joining any of the LDP projects.
Michael Hall
    I am a returning college student who can contribute several hours a week proofreading. My experience includes a stint as a reporter and columnist with a small weekly newspaper, ten years in and out of Unix-like computing environments, and familiarity with several Linux distributions. Happy to help with proofreading, document formatting, and sanity-checking.
Jay Lee
    I am a non-programming Linux user with a BA in English. Since I'm rather new to writing documentation I would prefer to check grammar, spelling, and style and provide a fresh look at the writing for readability.
S. Goswami
    i am a Network Administrator been with linux for last 2 years now that the time has come to give back in whatever way possible , to start with i would like be proof reader then graduate to a writer or what ever ...
Torsten Warncke
    familiar with DOS (since '84), Windows, Linux (since '93), SunOS/Solaris (since '90), Unicos (since '91), networks. Currently sysadmin of a federal German Library. Professional experience as IT consultant, tech-c and technical writer. Member of LUGs in Bremen and Bremerhaven. Volunteer for translating English-German (e.g. Alan Cox's talk at Bremer Linuxtag 1999).
Wade Hampton
    Author of a Mini-howto and contributor to several Linux howtos. Linux user, minor contributor since 1993. Unix/Xenix user since 1985. Author of numerous internal interface documents (ICDs), technical notes, software design documents, design documents, etc. Development in C, C++, shell, and TCL/TK (almost all for internal projects).

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