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About the OSWG

    The Open Source Writers Group is a non-commercial, non-profit organization whose primary goal is to improve the overall quality and quantity of free open-source and open-content documentation. All OSWG activities and projects are related to this primary goal.

    The following is a list of ways in which the OSWG works to fulfill this goal:

    • Improving project-volunteer communication
    • Improving project-project communication
    • Providing free collaborative documentation tools and repository.
    • Working to improve the usability of existing free documentation.
    • Promoting open-source and open-content documentation projects.
    • Providing an open-source and open-content news and announcements resource.

    For more information about the Open Source Writers Group, you are encouraged to read the following documents:

    About this site

      This is the third incarnation of the Open Source Writers Group website. All graphics were created using the GIMP. All pages were created using vi. The site is currently hosted on server space generously donated by the Puffin Group.

      The OSWG Logo was created for us by Abhijeet Chavan.

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