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OSWG Mailing Lists

    The Open Source Writers Group hosts a set of four mailing lists, all of which are open-subscription, and unmoderated. The subscription procedure for all the lists is as follows:

      Send mail to [list-name], with subscribe in the subject line.

      For example, to subscribe to oswg-discuss, you would send mail to, etc.

      To unsubscribe, send mail to the same address, with unsubscribe in the subject line.

    Here's the list of lists:

      oswg-discuss (subscribe) [archives]
        This is the general discussion list for the Open Source Writers Group, and is both open and unmoderated. We do ask that you try to follow two simple posting guidelines:
        1. be polite
        2. be helpful
        You're bright people, you can extrapolate from there :) The official list topic is "anything that is associated with or relevant to the Open Source Writers Group or open-source/open-content documentation". Naturally, this includes discussion of documentation projects, practices, tools, licensing, and such.

      oswg-docbook (subscribe) [archives]

        Learning and using the DocBook SGML DTD for documentation isn't always the easiest task, and if you're just learning about SGML at the same time, it can be a serious challenge sometimes. So, since the OSWG has decided to use DocBook as it's standard documentation source format, we figured that it might be a good idea to provide some in-house support. The oswg-docbook mailing list is where you can ask (or even answer) questions related to DocBook, SGML, and markup. It is a general discussion list, of course, so you're not restricted to straight question-answer postings...feel free to discuss anything related to DocBook, SGML, or markup.

      oswg-announce (subscribe) [archives]

        This list is used for OSWG-related announcements. If you subscribe to oswg-discuss, you won't have to subscribe to this list, as announcements will be sent to both lists. Primarily this list is intended for people who are interested in knowing about what the OSWG is up to without having to wade through the daily deluge from oswg-discuss.

      oswg-submit (subscribe) [archives]

        If you want to submit documentation into the OSWG documentation set but you don't want to deal with the CVS system, send your document to this list. Documents sent here will be received by a number of volunteers, one of whom will check it into the CVS system.

        Due to the necessity for human intervention, submitting documentation through this list is not as efficient as checking it directly into the CVS, so it could take a few days for your document to show up on the site. Be patient. If you have submitted a document and it has taken more than a few days to make it to the site, you can check the status of that document by contacting

        Note that this is not a general discussion list. If you are interested in helping check stuff sent to this list into the CVS, please contact

      oswg-cvs (subscribe) [archives]

        When files are added to or modified in the main CVS tree, the CVS system sends an activity notice to this list. It doesn't make for fascinating reading, but it's one way of keeping an eye on what's going on with the OSWG CVS tree.

    If you have any problem with any of these lists, you can contact the list maintainer at

    If you're looking for information or archives from the old mailing list, you can find its page here. Note that the old list is deprecated and should no longer be used.

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