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Writer's Online Bookshelf

The Writer's Online Bookshelf is a set of pointers to useful writing-related resources that are available on the Internet. These are organized into various catagories, as described below.

If you know of any useful online resources that are not included here, please send a note, including a URL.

    Man Pages & HOWTOs Documentation
      Useful articles about writing Manual pages and HOWTOs.


      Information about SGML and XML, including information about SGML/XML in general as well as about specific DTDs (such as DocBook).

    Writing Style Guides

      Links to the better style guides that have full texts available online.

    Reference Manuals

      Online dictionaries and thesauri, etc.

    Technical Writing

      Articles and books about technical writing as a practice and a profession. Lots of pointers about how to improve your writing skills and finished documentation.

    CVS Documentation

      Documentation about setting up and using the Concurrent Versions System. If you're interested in using the OSWG CVS system, you should read the docs first.

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