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    The following is a list of translators who have expressed interest in volunteering to work on documentation for Open Source projects. If you are involved in such a project that needs some translation work done, you should contact one or more of the people listed below to see if they're interested in helping out.

    If you are a translator who would like to be added to this list of volunteers, please send me a note.

Ivo Jansch
    I'm an editor for (Dutch Open Source Pages). I've translated some articles for this site (among which are the Open Source Definition and the Halloween I document) and proofread a lot fo work for others. I'm willing to do English-Dutch and Dutch-English translations for any Open Source project that needs help, as well as proofreading of documentation (Dutch or English).
Kerry J. Cox
    I have a Ph.D. in German Literature and am currently the Systems Administrator for an ISP. In addition to German, I speak Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. I consider myself fluent in German and Portuguese. I have four years experience with Linux and almost a year's experience with Solaris. I have written a manual for my business, a sort of HowTo manual for everything for maintaining, developing and setting up programs on a Solaris platform. I am currently writing a manual for Linux newbies.

    I am interested in translating documents from German and Portuguese into English, but can assist in doing some rough translations back into those languages as well. I don't have too much programming experience, but can troubleshoot C and Perl scripts if needed. I have several years writing experience and have both published and presented numerous papers, albeit in the field of German Literature.

    I would be willing to assist in any project that would help promote Linux and Open-Source programs.

Simon Rumble
    French to English translations.

    I am a professional tech writer writing various manuals and help for a kernel-level Unix tool. I don't code beyond basic scripting, so don't expect me to read the code. I run Linux on my desktops and servers and know my way around it quite well.

    I can write in HTML, SGML, Framemaker, troff (if forced) and probably about anything else. I'm willing to work on any cool projects that grab my interest, so try pitching it to me. I'll only work on GPL and compatible licenses: Artistic and BSD don't count -- I get paid to write under restrictive licenses so don't expect me to do it for free. Expect Australian conventions of English to be used if I'm authoring or translating, but I'll proof other conventions.

Karsten Hilbert
    I would like to devote some time proofreading English or German and translating English/German either direction. Open Source software only.

    Background: German and American diploma, (sort of) certified translator for Medical English, approaching last year of med school, linux sys admin in doctor's office, translated Linux Info Sheet from English to German (joint effort with other people).

Scott Mason
    Japanese to English and English to Japanese translations, editing, rewriting, and proofreading. My work runs the gamut from gritty tech translating to polished ad copy. I have basic working knowledge of Linux and other platforms, and a familiarity with web tech. I can deal with HTML and most other formats, but am not a programmer.
Jeff McFarlane
    German to English.
    French to English.

    I am available to provide German-to-English or French-to-English translation assistance for Open Source projects. As well, I am available to proofread existing translations to English (from any language).

    I have a degree in Computer Science/Mathematics from the University of Toronto with German, French and History as minor areas of study. I enjoy reading and writing (along with coding of course) and would be delighted to help any Open Source developer who wants to express themselves professionally in English.

Jenice Cook-Crabbe
    Traducciones: Español -> -> Inglés: (Spanish to English Translations)

    Permítame asistirle alcanzar al mundo angloparlante: Soy licenciada en letras y literatura castellanas, y soy oriunda del sur de California donde se encuentran casi todas las culturas latinoamericanas. Viví en Madrid (1979 a 1980), y he veraneado en México y en la República Dominicana. En cuanto a las computadoras (ordenadores), mi experiencia se extiende solamente dentro del mundo de Microsoft. Sin embargo, me arrepiento. Me interesa contribuir a los esfuerzos de la Fuente abierta a proponer el mejor sistema operativo - ¡Linux! Con más de 10 años como traductora, puedo asistirle avanzar sus programas fuera del mundo latino... a los usuarios angloparlantes.

    P I have an M.A. in Spanish Language & Literature, and more than 10 years in translation, technical, and marketing communications. I desire to play a part in the Open Source movement, especially to help talented programmers in Latin America and Spain to reach the English-speaking world with the products they develop for Linux.

Simon North
    Currently senior tech writer for Synopsys (EDA software). 16 years experience as a technical writer, covering a wide variety of software and hardware. 27 years in software; software QA auditor (CMM). Very few software packages I don't know. WinHelp / HTMLHelp / SGML / XML / HyTime. Co-wrote Presenting XML plus various other books. Author of Teach yourself XML in 21 days (ISBN 1-5752-1396-6). Fluent in English, French, Dutch & German. 20 years experience translating; F/E, E/F, NL/E, E/NL, D/E.
    I'm a Brazilian programmer who works with C, C++ and Perl in UNIX systems (with a bias to Linux!). I have a technical degree in Information Systems Technology and a bachelor degree in History. I want to translate manuals, tutorials and FAQs for free and open-source software to spread the knowledge of Linux and its tools. I would be willing to translate any book or manual from English to Portuguese.
Steve Winston
    I am an ESL department head at an adult school in California. I was a newspaper reporter for 11 years before I started teaching. I won journalism awards in New Mexico and California. I am fluent in Spanish and English, and I am helping to translate GNU stuff into Spanish. And I am a drooling, raving Linux fanatic.
Ranieri Argentini
    I am a bilingual computer enthusiast and GNU/Linux fanatic that would love to give something back to the community. I have varied skills in the computer field and moderate experience in translating both texts and interactive webpages. I'm willing to take on translations from/to any of the following languages: Dutch, Italian, English. I would also like to be involved in proofreading texts in these languages.
Charles Mire
    I received my Bachelor's Degree in the Russian Language (minor: Slavic Studies) from UT Arlington. I have studied Russian for over 7 years, and completed 5 months of study at Moscow Linguistic University (1996). I have tons of reference books to assist me as well. I am the Systems Manager at a small distribution company in Dallas, and love to spend my free time learning Linux. Although I am not a programmer, I studied Pascal and Basic in high school, and can understand programming documentation. Though I can translate both ways between Russian and English, I am quicker at going from English to Russian.
Torsten Warncke
    familiar with DOS (since '84), Windows, Linux (since '93), SunOS/Solaris (since '90), Unicos (since '91), networks. Currently sysadmin of a federal German Library. Professional experience as IT consultant, tech-c and technical writer. Member of LUGs in Bremen and Bremerhaven. Volunteer for translating English-German (e.g. Alan Cox's talk at Bremer Linuxtag 1999).
Dennis Stefanik
    Might be able to translate Russian to English and proofread English. Not knowledgeable technically but willing to learn. Have extensive Russian to English dictionaries library.
Britta Koch
    My name is Britta Koch. I'm 23 years old and a German Linux chick. I spent a year as an au pair in England and think I can do translations from English to German and back. I'll also willing proofread documents in either language, and am a comma specialist for German! I've been studying Computational Lingustics and Artificial Intelligence for 2 years now, and although I only got into Linux about 2 years ago, I have become quite familiar with it. I am not so much into hardware but I like playing around with the software... I've always wanted to give something back to the community, but between studying and playing around with Linux, I don't have the time, experience or perseverance to write software. Translating documentation is something I can do, I hope, to contribute, too!
    I intend to translate some articles from English to Chinese, or from Chinese to English.

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