How can I help?

Are you interested in contributing to the site? Here are some of the things you can volunteer for.

Writing–interview retired and former news librarians for the “Where are they now?” section

Tagging–many of the historical blog entries need to be tagged and have a category added to make it current

Linking–we have material on the old site that needs to be linked to from the historical site.

Blog posts–interested in posting something relevant to the history of news libraries? Ask to be signed up as a contributor to the site. You can post at will, if that be once a week or once every six months.

Photos–have any historical photos about news libraries or research centers? Send them to me or become a contributor to the site and add them yourselves with the captions. Also, as I add some to the folder in Flickr, I may need help with identification

Research–are you interested in doing some research? Do some digging in the archives of the site to find some interesting facts about the field. Or dig through some of the older issues of News Library News and post about something you find of particular interest. You could also compile lists….whatever is of interest. Pick a year and compile what happened in the division that year. You might find something written about annually in News Library News. You could compile a list of that.

Bios–I want bios. Old and new. I want bios of news libraries, news librarians, new researchers and related colleagues. Interview someone and/or pull information about them from the Web site or the older issues of News Library News. Live in the same town as your interview source? Consider doing an audio or video interview with them.

Site missing something of interest?–come here looking for something and don’t find it? Let me know. If you are interested in compiling information on that topic for the site I’ll be glad to have your contribution. If you aren’t interested in writing it up, still give me the idea and I’ll see if I can find someone else to add it to the site.

Drop me a note via the contact form.

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