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The Walker Percy Project

Celebrating the Percy centennial throughout 2016

(May 28, 1916 – 2016)

Access. Community. Discovery.

Join Our Discussion Opportunities

Percy Listserv

Join the Percy-L Discussion Listserv and its over 100+ active members for discussion of Walker Percy and a range of topics related to his writings, thought, and life. View the Percy-L Archives for past discussion.

Stories Forum

Read and submit Personal Stories - This public forum gives all readers — new and existing — the opportunity to share and permanently record their personal experiences with reading Percy for others to enjoy.

Slow Reading Group of a Percy novel

Participate in a Slow Reading Group - as in the past with Love in the Ruins, the Percy-L community pursued a chapter-a-week reading of The Second Coming, choosing it to celebrate the Percy centennial during the summer of 2016.

2016 Percy News & Activities

General Public Scholarly Ongoing

Submit Percy news for posting to the Percy-L community.


By purchasing your Percy and other books for yourself or as gifts through the Project Bookstore and its association with, you are supporting the activities of The Walker Percy Project. Visit the Amazon website for:

Books By Percy | All Percy-related Books

The Walker Percy Educational Project is a volunteer effort and is not affiliated with the Manuscripts Department of the UNC-Chapel Hill Library, Archive of the "Walker Percy Papers". The mission of the Project is to promote public freely-available access to educational, cultural, and scholarly resources related to Walker Percy.

Hosted by the Ibiblio Network of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Project featured in New Orleans Magazine, The Southern Quarterly, Modern Language Association,
Austin American-Statesman, Texas Monthly,
and The Southern Register.

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