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The Walker Percy Project

A Comprehensive Educational & Scholarly Resource
on 20th century American author Walker Percy

About The Walker Percy Project

The Project is a comprehensive educational resource on 20th century American author Walker Percy (1916-1990), offering free online content and discussion about his work, life, and thought for students, general readers, and scholars.

— Read the Welcome Message from the Project's director and editor, Henry P. Mills



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Discussion is interdisciplinary in nature and topics range from the literary, religious, scientific, philosophical, and other culture related to Walker Percy. View the Percy-L community archives.

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Hosted by the Ibiblio Network of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The Walker Percy Educational Project is a volunteer effort and is not affiliated with the Manuscripts Department of the UNC-Chapel Hill Library, Archive of the "Walker Percy Papers".

Project featured in The Southern Quarterly, Modern Language Association, New Orleans Magazine,
Austin American-Statesman, Texas Monthly,
and The Southern Register.

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