Journals, Newspapers, and References

ibiblio’s archive contains a variety of historic and current publications. If you’re looking to do archival research, stay up to date on a range of topics, or even learn a new skill, you can check out some of the sites below. To explore more websites, visit the Journals and Reference tags in the ibiblio catalog!

The Linux Gazette

The Linux Gazette was created in 1995 to report on all things related to the Linux operating system. Issues of the publication frequently offered tips, answered questions submitted by readers, and provided coding tutorials. Interviews and reviews of software programs were also occasionally featured in the Linux Gazette. Visit the home page to view the archive!

Open Humanities Press

Open Humanities Press publishes academic journals and books with the goal of making critical publications available worldwide. Each proposal is peer-reviewed by a collection of scholars from a range of disciplines. You can check out book series and journals or view the most recent publications on the home page.

The Code4Lib Journal

Code4Lib’s goal is to share information about libraries, technology, and communication. The journal publishes articles about AI, data, coding, library-related topics, and more. Articles are selected and peer-reviewed by an editorial committee; each issue features a wide variety of authors and subjects. Click here to read the most recent issue!

The Prism

The Prism was a newspaper based out of the Triangle area in North Carolina that sought to provide information about local, national, and international events. Articles often focused on activism, politics, and policy. Through the efforts of volunteers, issues were published monthly from 1990 to 2000. You can view all past issues here or read the final issue.