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Usenet Vs. NBA Draft


Diff Legend === Usenet pick is the same as the NBA pick
-N Usenet pick was "N" spots ahead of NBA draft
+N Usenet pick was "N" spots after NBA draft (a steal by for the Usenet GM)
Pick Team Draft Player Diff Comments
1 Los Angeles Clippers Usenet Mike Bibby -1 Bibby went to Vancouver.  I'm not sure why.
NBA Michael Olowokandi
2 Vancouver Grizzlies Usenet Paul Pierce -8 Paul took a huge slide.  Bibby gives Vancouver what, 4 PG's?  Can't blame the Usenet GM, almost all Mock drafts had Pierce take by 5.
NBA Mike Bibby
3 Denver Nuggets Usenet Michael Olowokandi +2 Olowokandi really jumped in the days before the draft.   Denver wishes it could be so lucky.  A good pick for Thad.
NBA Raef LaFrentz
4 Toronto Raptors Usenet Raef LaFrentz +1 Jamison has been traded to GS
NBA Antwan Jamison
5 Golden State Warriors Usenet Larry Hughes -3 Russ said, don't draft Vince.  So they traded him to Toronto.  Russ selected Brevin Knight last year and that worked out so we shall see.
NBA Vince Carter
6 Dallas Mavericks Usenet Dirk Nowitzki -3 Was Dirk in or was he out?  He is going to play in Europe from what I hear.
NBA Robert Traylor
7 Sacramento Kings Usenet Antwan Jamison +3 A big plus 3 for for the Kings.  Antwan took a dive in the Usenet draft who tends to hate "Tweeners".
NBA Jason Williams
8 Philadelphia 76ers Usenet Vince Carter +3  
NBA Larry Hughes
9 Milwaukee Bucks Usenet Robert Traylor +3 Traylor decided to get into shape after leaving Michigan (for which I'm sure the Wolverines is much appreciated).
NBA Dirk Nowitzki
10 Boston Celtics Usenet Al Harrington -15 Harrington dropped like a rock.  Not a bad pick
NBA Paul Pierce
11 Detroit Pistons Usenet Michael Dickerson -3 Dickerson fell a bit when he did not play in Chicago.
NBA Bonzi Wells
12 Orlando Magic Usenet Jason Williams +5 A huge win for the Magic!  Williams has a spotted past.
NBA Michael Doleac
13 Orlando Magic Usenet Bonzi Wells +2  
NBA Keon Clark
14 Houston Rockets Usenet Nazr Mohammed -15 I think that Nazr should have stayed in school :-).
NBA Michael Dickerson
15 Orlando Magic Usenet Pat Garrity -4 Garrity was had a bit of a slip but is a solid player.   Not a bad pick for the Orlando Usenet'ers.
NBA Matt Harpring
16 Houston Rockets Usenet Rashard Lewis -16 -16 by the Houston Usenet GM.
NBA Bryce Drew
17 Minnesota Timberwolves Usenet Michael Doleac +5 Doleac dropped in the Usenet draft because of a lack of athleticism.
NBA Radoslav Nesterovic
18 Houston Rockets Usenet Corey Benjamin -10 Turkcan jumped out of nowhere.  Totally missed by the Usenet'ers.Benjamin took a dive.  Not a great draft by Houston Usenet GM.  A total of -41!!!
NBA Mirsad Turkcan
19 Milwaukee Bucks Usenet Keon Clark +6 Usenet GM's had "Tweeners" and players with a bad attitude.  A big +6 for the Bucks.
NBA Pat Garrity
20 Atlanta Hawks Usenet Matt Harpring +5  
NBA Roshown McLeod
21 Charlotte Hornets Usenet Brian Skinner -1 Ricky Davis!! Ricky had a great camp and great workouts.   I thought that Charlotte would take  Mohammed.  Ricky did not get picked by the Usenet'ers
NBA Ricky Davis
22 Los Angeles Clippers Usenet Vladimir Stepanija -5 Not a bad pick by the Charlotte GM.  -1 at this point is great.
NBA Brian Skinner
23 Denver Nuggets Usenet Miles Simon -19 A big hit for Thad.  Simon really started to slide when he skipped the Desert Classic.
NBA Tyrron Lue
24 San Antonio Spurs Usenet Ansu Sesay -6  
NBA Felipe Lopez
25 Indiana Pacers Usenet Felipe Lopez +1 What a pick!  +1 is really good.  Lopez might help the Spurs but I'm not sure about his outside shot.
NBA Al Harrington
26 Los Angeles Lakers Usenet Bryce Drew +10 A huge +10 for the Lakers.  Drew had a great Chicago camp and really jumped.  I'm not sure about going at #16.
NBA Sam Jacobson
27 Seattle Sonics Usenet Roshown McLeod +7 I have to admit that I did not think McLeod would be drafted in the first round.  Good for him.
NBA Vladimir Stepanija
28 Chicago Bulls Usenet Toby Bailey -17 A big -17.  Toby dropped to 45.
NBA Corey Benjamin
29 Utah Jazz Usenet J.R. Henderson -27 Wow!  Not a good finish to the first round
NBA Nazr Mohammed
30 Washington Wizards Usenet Jahidi White -13 Wizards took White at #43.
Dallas Mavericks NBA Ansu Sesay
31 New Jersey Nets Usenet Tyrron Lue +8 A great pick in that it was a +8!  Lue fills a big need with Denver.
Los Angeles Lakers NBA Ruben Patterson
32 New York Knicks Usenet Brad Miller -oo Miller went undrafted.  The only player in the Usenet draft not drafted in the NBA draft
Seattle Sonics NBA Rashard Lewis
33 Portland Trailblazers Usenet Radoslav Nesterovic +16 I knew this would bite the Usenet'ers.  The funny thing is that the Minn. GM wrote the scouting report for Nesterovic and hated him.
Seattle Sonics NBA Jelani McCoy
34 Cleveland Cavs Usenet Jelani McCoy +1 McCoy had a bad Chicago Camp.  A good pick for the Cleveland Usenet GM.
Chicago Bulls NBA Shammond Williams
35 Miami Heat Usenet Andre Patterson -11  
Dallas Mavericks NBA Bruno Sunfov
36 Phoenix Suns Usenet DeMarco Johnson -2 A good pick by the Suns GM.
Sacramento Kings NBA Jerome James

Craig Simpson - Usenet Draft Commissioner

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