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Usenet Vs. NBA Draft

Diff Legend


Usenet pick is the same as the NBA Pick


Usenet pick was "N" spots ahead of the NBA draft


Usenet pick was "N" spots after the NBA draft (a steal for the Usenet GM)

Pick Team Draft Player Diff Comments
1 bulls_small.gif (744 bytes) Chicago Bulls Usenet Lamar Odom -3 Odom decided to blow a Million or so before the draft.  Nice guy.
NBA Elton Brand
2 grizzlies_small.gif (522 bytes)Vancouver Grizzlies Usenet Steve Francis === Great pick by the Grizzlies!
NBA Steve Francis
3 hortnets_small.gif (767 bytes)Charlotte Hornets Usenet Baron Davis === Great pick by the Hornets!  This pick generated a lot of talk on*  Davis did not want to go to Charlotte - Screw him
NBA Baron Davis
4 clippers_small.gif (805 bytes)Los Angeles Clippers Usenet Elton Brand +3 A big +3 for Curtis!  Elgin Baylor could only be so lucky
NBA Lamar Odom
5 raptors_small.gif (546 bytes)Toronto Raptors Usenet Andre Miller -3 Bender to Indiana for A. Davis.  I liked what Phil did for the Raptors better
NBA Jonathan Bender
6 wolves_small.gif (817 bytes)Minnesota Timberwolves Usenet Wally Szczerbiak === Great pick by Ryan!  Great report to.  You folks should read it.
NBA Wally Szczerbiak
7 wizards_small.gif (705 bytes)Washington Wizards Usenet Richard Hamilton === Great pick by the Wizards!  Of course this is Calbert Cheaney II
NBA Richard Hamilton
8 cavs_small.gif (833 bytes)Cleveland Cavs Usenet Jason Terry -2 With Miller still avaiable the Cavs took him. 
NBA Andre Miller
9 suns_small.gif (896 bytes)Phoenix Suns Usenet Jonathan Bender +4 A big +4 for Stanton.  Bender just kept rising and rising...
NBA Shawn Marion
10 warriors_small.gif (831 bytes)Golden State Warriors Usenet Corey Maggette -3 While Maggette just kept falling and falling.  Should be the poster boy for staying in school.  Traded to Orlando for a part time 34 year player whos best days are long gone
hawks_small.gif (663 bytes)Atlanta Hawks NBA Jason Terry
11 cavs_small.gif (833 bytes)Cleveland Cavs Usenet Jumaine Jones -16 If not Maggette, then Jones.  Jones said after he was finally picked (but before he was traded) that he would show them.  Uh, Jumaine just go look at how many #27 picks have shown us anything  Langdon shocked even the two Dookies I watched the draft with.
NBA Trajan Langdon
12 raptors_small.gif (546 bytes)Toronto Raptors Usenet Alek Radojevic === A great pick by Patrick!  Usally this late in the draft the Useneters don't get an exact pick.  Patricks wins a tall skinny white guy
NBA Alek Radojevic
13 sonics_small.gif (522 bytes)Seattle Sonics Usenet William Avery -1 Good pick by the Net Sonics
NBA Corey Maggette
14 wolves_small.gif (817 bytes)Minnesota Timberwolves Usenet Ron Artest -2 Good pick by Net Wolves.  Interesting pick for the NBA Wolves.  Not sure if Avery is a good fit, they would have been better off with Terry but he was long gone.
NBA William Avery
15 knicks_small.gif (793 bytes)New York Knicks Usenet Calvin Booth -20 Ah Doug...Actually you can't really slam him to much here.   A lot of people had Booth going in the first round.
NBA Fredric Weis
16 bulls_small.gif (744 bytes)Chicago Bulls Usenet Evan Eschmeyer -18 Eschmeyer fell like a rock in the week leading up to the draft...
NBA Ron Artest
17 hawks_small.gif (663 bytes)Atlanta Hawks Usenet Shawn Marion +8 While Marion went sky high.  A huge steal for the Net Hawks.
NBA Cal Bowdler
18 nuggets_small.gif (808 bytes)Denver Nuggets Usenet James Posey === Absolutly great pick!!!  I'll have to check but I think this is latest that we've ever got an exact pick.  Way to go Jefferey!
NBA James Posey
19 jazz_small.gif (777 bytes)Utah Jazz Usenet Tim James -6 James fell to Miami but -6 is not to bad at this stage
NBA Quincy Lewis
20 hawks_small.gif (663 bytes)Atlanta Hawks Usenet Quincy Lewis +1 +1 is great however. 
NBA Dion Glover
21 hawks_small.gif (663 bytes)Atlanta Hawks Usenet A.J. Bramlett -17 -17 is not though.  Bramlett fell quite a bit.  Foster was a shock first round pick (for me at least)
warriors_small.gif (831 bytes)Golden State Warriors NBA Jeff Foster
22 houston_small.gif (820 bytes)Houston Rockets Usenet Todd MacCulloch -25 I begged John to take Devaean George.  I just begged him to do it.
NBA Kenny Thomas
23 lakers_small.gif (735 bytes)L.A. Lakers Usenet Fredric Weis +8 Weis went up.  Great pick by the Net Lakers.  I really like George.  Good story, I hope he does well but I don't think the Lakers are a good fit for him
NBA Devean George
24 jazz_small.gif (777 bytes)Utah Jazz Usenet Trajan Langdon +13 Langdon in the Lottery!?  Cavs on drugs!?
NBA Ander Kirilenko
25 heat_small.gif (752 bytes)Miami Heat Usenet Dion Glover +5 Rob was at my house watching the draft.  Such gloating about a +5 you've never seen.
NBA Tim James
26 pacers_small.gif (811 bytes)Indiana Pacers Usenet Kris Clack -29 Thad also considered Bowdler.  Should have stuck with that thought.
NBA Vonteego Cummings
27 hawks_small.gif (663 bytes)Atlanta Hawks Usenet Lari Ketner -22 I thought Ketner would go higher as well.  So did most people.
NBA Jumaine Jones
28 jazz_small.gif (777 bytes)Utah Jazz Usenet Kenny Thomas +6 Great pick by Jamie!  Thomas went much higher then I would have thought.
NBA Scott Padgett
29 spurs_small.gif (717 bytes)San Antonio Spurs Usenet Lee Nailon -14 Nailon was the mystery of the draft.  Some folks had him as high as high as 16, others had him late in the second round.  The Net Spurs split the difference.
NBA Leon Smith
30 NetsNew Jersey Nets Usenet Leron Profit -8 Profit was a solid pick for #30.  I would have taken him over Celestand.
lakers_small.gif (735 bytes)L.A. Lakers NBA John Celestand
31 MavsDallas Mavericks Usenet Scott Padgett +3 Padgett made it into the first round.  A great pick by Scott and the Mavs.
clippers_small.gif (805 bytes)Los Angeles Clippers NBA Rico Hill
32 CelticsBoston Celtics Usenet Chris Herren -1 -1 is a great win for the Net Celtics.  A great pick by Ellie
bulls_small.gif (744 bytes) Chicago Bulls NBA Michael Ruffin
33 KingsSacramento Kings Usenet Devean George +10 I begged John to take George at 22 :-(.  Non the less, a great pick by Sacramento
nuggets_small.gif (808 bytes)Denver Nuggets NBA Chris Herren
34 CelticsMilwaukee Bucks Usenet Tim Young -18 What can I say, -18 is not good at all.
NetsNew Jersey Nets NBA Evan Eschmeyer
35 76ersPhiladelphia 76ers Usenet Mike Batiste -oo The only Usenet pick not drafted.  In the real draft, the 76ers picked at 47 and took Todd MacCulloch
wizards_small.gif (705 bytes)Washington Wizards NBA Calvin Booth
36 PistonsDetroit  Pistons Usenet Cal Bowdler +19 Bowdler's stock really went up towards the end.  The Pacer GM considered him at 26.   Should have taken him.  Great pick by the Net Pistons
MavsDallas Mavericks NBA Wang Zhi-Zhi
37 Orlando MagicOrlando Magic Usenet Michael Ruffin +5 Good pick for the Magic.  A solid +5!
grizzlies_small.gif (522 bytes)Vancouver Grizzlies NBA Obinna Ekezie
38 PistonsPortland Trailblazers Usenet Vonteego Cummings +12 A huge steal for the Blazers.  Cummings made a huge jump into the first round
Orlando MagicOrlando Magic NBA Leron Profit