News Library News from Spring 1991

I am finally getting back to a scanning project I started a long, long time ago. I hope to make some progress each week on this project.  I am scanning in the old issues of News Library News.  Tonight’s issue is from Spring 1991, also known as Vol. 13, No. 3. Read it here.

The contents, some of which are rather timely:
Dealing With The Digital Darkroom by Michael E. Schroeder
And The Winners Are (new officers elected)
Stop The Presses (Late-breaking news notes from all over by Teresa Leonard)
The Aside Bar (NLN has changed a great deal in the past year…by Elizabeth Whisnant)
Notes From The Chair (If misery loves company, the guest room is overflowing. But I urge you not to give up.  Keep going back to your fountainhead of travel funds by Lany Walden McDonald)
People (Who’s doing what in News Libraries by Mona Hatfield)
San Antonio Pull-out (A complete convention guide. Travel tips, schedule and program guide. Articles written by Margaret Neu, Judy Zipp, and more)
Common Ground (Money is tight. Money is really tight. There’s a special library conference next month. Should you go?  ABSOLUTELY by Elizabeth Marchak)
What You Didn’t Know (The not-so-secret fact of life for online information searches is that even full-text information retrieval systems rarely carry every article published by a newspaper or magazine by John Buckman)
Broadcast Libraries (Is this the perfect time to establish a Special Interest Group for Broadcast Librarians? by Debra K. Bade)
Who We Are (Jeanette Curby, head librarian at the San Antonio Light, is hosting a tour of the Light’s library, but she’s done much more work behind the scenes.)
Quick & Dirty (The government makes available various sales estimates not published in the Monthly Retail Trade Reports. For a minimum charge, sales estimates can be obtained for major businesses by Eileen Effrat)


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