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Pretty Polly
  Backyard Barbecue Machines
Here's a collection of barbecue pits used by the members of the mailing list. Some are commercially produced. Others are homemade. But what they have in common is that they all use some form of wood as fuel.
Homemade Contraptions
Rufus Memorial * Dan Gill's classical eastern North Carolina pit.
Wilber D. Hog * Dave's brick pit constructed in the style of those used in western North Carolina.
Butt Ugly * Dan Gill's vertical smoker.
Fred * Jeff "Bigwheel" Wheeler's pits on wheels.
Ethyl A Pigg * Dan Gill's in-house brick pit.
Stasiuk * George Stasiuk's in-the-ground pit.
Mac Daddy * Scott McDaniel's mobile vertical cooker.
LannyQ * Lanny Henson's fuel-efficient cooker on wheels.
The Beast * Mike Honeywell's brick pit.
What The ... * Troy Wheeler's smoker made from old filing cabinets!
BBR * Bill Tolbert's elegantly simple whole hog pit.
Store Bought Units
TexaSmoker * A horizontal cooker with a vertical smoker.
Klose Backyard Smoker * A horizontal cooker.
Klose Mobile Rig * A huge horizontal cooker.
Stump * A "some assembly required" vertical brick pit.
Brinkman Smoke N' Pit Professional * A horizontal pit with modifications.
Oklahoma Joe Extended Trailer Smoker * Another huge horizontal cooker on wheels.
Oklahoma Joe Tradition * A basic horizontal cooker.
New Braunfels Black Diamond * Another horizontal cooker with modifications.
Klose Two-Door Backyard Smoker * A bigger version with modifications.
Brinkman H20 Smoker * A bullet (vertical) smoker.
Weber Smokey Mountain * Another bullet (vertical) smoker.
NBBD & Klose * A pair of horizontal pits with modifications.
Big Jim Lazy Q * A combination horizontal/vertical cooker.

The Lexington Collection