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New OSWG site up for Alpha testing

    Jan 27, 2000 - The new OSWG web site is up and ready for alpha testing. I would really like as many people as possible to go beat on it for a while -- check out all the various features, register in the Volunteers database, add a Project listing, contribute to the Open Source Documentation Index. In short -- go wild, and see what you can break.

    If all goes well, we'll just breeze straight through the beta stage and go live quickly, but we need to know that this site isn't going to fall apart first. :)

Document and Volunteer Additions Quick Notes

OSWG Site Updates

Midgard Weekly Summary #25 Documentation Additions

Midgard Weekly Summary #23

Midgard Weekly Summary #22

Documents Library Grows (again :)

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OSWG Documents Catalog

    Nov 16, 1999 - The OSWG Documents Catalog has been created to simplify the process of sorting through the documentation that is available through the Open Source Writers Group. Organized by subject, the catalog provides you with a straightforward method of finding the documents you're interested in by giving you links, revision dates, and a short abstract for each.

    While automatically-generated indexes are still available through the OSWG Nightly Index, the Catalog is an index that boasts a human touch. As the OSWG documentation set grows, the Catalog will evolve with it, being added to and updated at least weekly (if not more often).

    If you have any feedback or suggestions for the Catalog, please contact

Document Updates and Additions

Yet Another OSWG Mailing List

OSWG CVS and Auto-Generation System

    Nov 8, 1999 - The OSWG CVS system is working well, as are the automatic build scripts used to generate HTML, PS, RTF, DVI, and TEX documents from the DocBook instances in the CVS. You can see the results of those scripts in the OSWG Nightly Index. The scripts run daily at 2:00am, EST.

New Documents

GCC Howto Needs A New Maintainer

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