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What's New -- Nov. '97
A chronological list of additions to this site.

red ballLocal contact: Northern Plains Sustainable Agriculture Society [11/28/97]
red ballLinks to Prairie Ecosystem Study Project, Univ. of Saskatchewan and the Univ. of Guelph Agroecosystem Health Project from our University Sustainable Ag Programs links page [11/28/97]
red ballLink to North American Deer Farmers Association from our Grazing Links page [11/26/97] -- Information about getting started producing for a market that is growing 30 percent annually. U.S. farmers meet only 25 to 30 percent of domestic demand.
red ballLink to Organic Trade Association from our Organic Farming, Marketing, and Certification Resources page [11/26/97] -- Membership organization represents the organic industry in Canada and the United States. Members include growers, shippers, processors, certifiers, farmer associations, brokers, consultants, distributors and retailers.
red ballLink to Fencing Tips and Advice from our Online Fence-Building References page [11/26/97] -- Primer from Baygard Electric Fence Products.
red ballLink to New Money-Making Options With Trees from our Agroforestry menu [11/26/97] -- Report on alley-cropping and silvo-pastural options being explored at the USDA Small Farms Research Center, Booneville, Arkansas.
red ballLink to Community Supported Agriculture from our Growing for Market page [11/26/97] -- Homepage for the CSA-L email discussion list, this page provides excellent links to resources and other sites of interest to folks considering starting a CSA. Includes links to CSA webpages. Part of John Barclay's Prairieland Community Supported Agriculture site.
red ballLink to Farmscaping to Enhance Biological Control from our Cover Crops page [11/26/97] -- This excellent online resource from ATTRA tells how to turn your farm into a home for beneficial insects to help check pest problems. Please register at the site's publication page before viewing.
red ballLink to The Carbohydrate Economy from our Agroforestry menu [11/26/97] -- Thought-provoking site based on the premise that wood, fiber crops and other plant-derived materials could replace oil as our primary source of energy and industrial feedstocks.
red ballNew additions to Surfing With Michele [11/26/97] -- Compendiums of eclectic links on the subjects of Prion Diseases, Animal rights/farming and Factory/corporate farming.
red ballNew stories for More Weird Farm News [11/26/97] -- The Smell of Money (Part 2) and Cow Hairball Art. Enjoy!
red ballLink to: Conference to Celebrate 10 Years of USDA SusAg Program [11/25/97] -- Jim Hightower is one of the featured keynote speakers at "Building on a Decade of Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education: Sharing experiences to improve our agriculture," March 5-7, 1998, Austin, Texas. Great program lined up for this meeting celebrating the 10th anniversary of USDA's Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Program.
red ballThanksgiving Special: Support Bargaining Rights for Turkey Farmers [11/25/97] --Problem is part of a growing trend that includes fruits, vegetables, hogs, beef.
red ballLink to Bid to Win [11/21/97] -- Improve your chance of successfully enrolling land in CRP with this online worksheet from the Center for Rural Affairs.
Link to Pioneer Rejects Roundup-Ready Corn [11/21/97] -- "One trait, especially resistance to a herbicide, should never be the sole criteria for hybrid selection," says CEO. Story at Charles Benbrook's Pest Management at the Crossroads website.
Ole & Sven Go Organic [11/18/97] -- In our Rural Writings area. Scandinavian humor at its best, a tongue-in-cheek parable on the eve of federal organic standards.
Grazing Alfalfa Successfully [11/18/97] -- It takes a careful balance between the needs of the stock and the needs of the stand, says the University of Missouri's Jim Gerrish.
Link to Internet Tutorials from our Surfing With Michele links menu [11/17/97] -- From the University of Albany library, here's a great way to sharpen your internet skills.
Link to Is Organic Food More Nutritious? from our Organic Farming, Marketing, and Certification Resources [11/17/97] -- Thought-provoking, informative thread from the sanet-mg discussion group at Dr. Charles Benbrook's Pest Management at the Crossroads site.
Link to The Champion Tree Project from our Agroforestry page [11/14/97] -- Find out how you can help protect, preserve and propagate the biggest, best, tallest, strongest, and eldest representatives of Earth's largest plants.
Link to Iowa Hog Confinement from our Farm Policy page. [11/11/97] -- Not just for Iowans, this grassroots site helps link farmers and others concerned about megahog operations.
Fun Stuff [11/11/97] -- Links to explore after the work is done.
Mobile Poultry Processing Unit [11/10/97] -- Trailer-mounted facility helps cut processing costs for small-scale poultry producers. Includes Photo Gallery of the unit in action.
For the Love of Farming -- Compost, cover crops, rotations and green manures build healthy soil on this Tennessee producer farm.
Link to Farmers File Class Action Suit Against Fertilizer Companies from our News and Events page. [11/10/97] -- Claim fertilizer laced with dangerous levels of arsenic, mercury and other toxic wastes killed crops, ruined lives.
Link to Arbico from our Cover Crop and Forage Seed Sources page [11/10/97] -- Cover crop offerrings include Austrian winter peas, fall mix including vetch, annual mixes with and without ryegrass, white clover, and a mix that attracts beneficial insects. Available in garden-size amounts for low-cost experimentation. Be sure to explore the rest of the Arizona Biological Control site IPM info and supplies such as beneficial insects. See especially their Pest Problem Solver Guide.
Link to Strip Intercropping from our Grain and Beans page. [11/10/97] -- Short summary of the benefits of growing corn, soybeans and small grains in narrow strips at the growing site of Iowa State University agronomist Mohammadreza Ghaffarzadeh. Nice pictures.
red ballLink to Organically Grown Products page at Today's Market Prices from our Marketing Links page. [11/10/97] -- Listing of organic products for sale and sought.
red ballLink to The BuyGreen Virginia Partnership from our Growing for Market page. [11/10/97] -- A joint project of the Virginia Association for Biological Farming and Mothers & Others for a Livable Planet, this model program seeks to build bridges between producers and consumers. Labelling program with three levels of certification -- certified organic, ecological and conservation.
red ballLink to PlantLink from our Cover Crops page [11/7/97] -- Excellent search engine for finding out more about your favorite covers.
red ballLink to Center for Grassland Studies, University of Nebraska from our Grazing Links page [11/7/97] -- Features back issues of the Center's wide-ranging newsletter -- everything from a report on a Wisconsin study of pasture songbirds in the Winter '97 issue to articles about controlled burning as as a range-management tool. Great list of grassland and pasture links.
red ballLocal contact: Smokey Mountain Dairy Goat Association [11/7/97]
red ballAlternative Ag News [11/5/97] -- November issue featuring precision ag in research title, slow-moving organic standards, NRCS chief Paul Johnson's resignation, rootworm IPM.

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