Sandhyavandanam Variations


There are over 200 variations, most of which are slight variations in the manner in which
Sandyavandanam is performed.What we have done is the most authoritative versions within the
constraint of the Video prodcuer and the aasramam shooting locations for Saama and Yajur
Vedam . Even here , you will see differences . These were shot at Srirangam Andavan
(PoundarIkapuram ) Aasramam.

Below is a brief comparison of the Sri Vaishnava and Iyer versions of Sandyavandanam,
which will shed some light on what the commonalities and the locus of variations are.

Sri Vaishnava Iyer Remarks
 1. Achamanam (2 times) Achamanam  
 2. PrAnAyamam Pranayama  
 3. Sankalpah Sandya    
 4. Satvika tyaga    
 5. Prokshanam Marjanam  
 6. Prasanam Prasanam  
 7. Achamanam    
 8. Punar Prokshanam    
 9. PrAnAyamam    
10. Arghyam Arghya - Pradanam  
11. PrAnAyamam PrAnAyamam  
12. Prayaschitta Arghyam Prayaschitt- arghyam  
Aikyanu -sandhaanam  
13. Achamanam Achamanam  
14. Kesavadi Tarpanam Deva- Tarpanam  
15. Achamanam Achamanam  
16. Japa Vidhih    
17. Gayatri japam Gayatri japam  
     a PrAnAyam mantra japa    Sandhya-Vandana Japaarambah  
     b Pranayamam (3 times)    Pranayamam (3 times)  
     c Gayatri Avahanam    Gayatri- Avahanam  
     d Gayatri japam    Gayatri Nyasah  
     e Pranayamam (3 times)    Pranayamam  
     f Upastanam    Gayatri- Upasthanam  
     Surya Upasthanam  
18. Sandyadi devata vandanam Samashtyabhi- vaadanam  
19. AbhivAdanam Abhi-vaadanam  
20. DikvandanAm Digdevata Vandanam  
21. AbhivAdanam Yama- vandanam  
22. Achamanam Harivandanam  
23. Satvika Tyaga Suryanarayana Vandanam  
24. Arghyam    
25. SriRanga Mangala manim Samarpanam