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Topical worksheets

Together, these worksheets constitute a body of questions far too large to be comprehensively covered in any single electronics course. That is not the point, though. This collection is purposely oversized so you may pick and choose enough questions to meet your specific teaching needs. Download those worksheets containing questions you wish to use, and then only assign those questions to your students for research and discussion. The rest may be ignored, or your students may find them useful as study aids outside of class.

Although I strive to make each of these worksheets self-contained, some topics will (necessarily) assume coverage of prior topics. For instance, it would be impossible for a beginning student to understand a worksheet on series-parallel resistor circuits without first having understood Ohm's Law.


Basic electricity:

DC electric circuits:

AC electric circuits:

Network analysis techniques:

Discrete semiconductor devices and circuits:

Analog integrated circuits:

Digital circuits:

Mathematics for electronics:

Circuit animations:

Math animations:

Bellingham Technical College students ("Core" Electronics course worksheets):

DC Electric Circuits

ELTR100 (DC 1), Section 1: [PDF] ELTR100 (DC 1), Section 2: [PDF] ELTR100 (DC 1), Section 3: [PDF]

ELTR105 (DC 2), Section 1: [PDF] ELTR105 (DC 2), Section 2: [PDF] ELTR105 (DC 2), Section 3: [PDF]

AC Electric Circuits

ELTR110 (AC 1), Section 1: [PDF] ELTR110 (AC 1), Section 2: [PDF] ELTR110 (AC 1), Section 3: [PDF]

ELTR115 (AC 2), Section 1: [PDF] ELTR115 (AC 2), Section 2: [PDF] ELTR115 (AC 2), Section 3: [PDF]

Discrete Semiconductor Circuits

ELTR120 (Semi 1), Section 1: [PDF] ELTR120 (Semi 1), Section 2: [PDF] ELTR120 (Semi 1), Section 3: [PDF]

ELTR125 (Semi 2), Section 1: [PDF] ELTR125 (Semi 2), Section 2: [PDF] ELTR125 (Semi 2), Section 3: [PDF]

Operational Amplifier Circuits

ELTR130 (Opamps 1), Section 1: [PDF] ELTR130 (Opamps 1), Section 2: [PDF]

ELTR135 (Opamps 2), Section 1: [PDF] ELTR135 (Opamps 2), Section 2: [PDF]

Digital Circuits

ELTR140 (Digital 1), Section 1: [PDF] ELTR140 (Digital 1), Section 2: [PDF] ELTR140 (Digital 1), Section 3: [PDF]

ELTR145 (Digital 2), Section 1: [PDF] ELTR145 (Digital 2), Section 2: [PDF] ELTR145 (Digital 2), Section 3: [PDF]

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