Well Well Well

“Well Well Well” is an old gospel song that was revived by the folk community in the early 1960s and performed by many artists including Bob Gibson and Bob Camp, Peter Paul and Mary and the Seekers.


[Em] Well well well who’s that a-calling
Well well [Am] well [G] hold my [B7] hand
[Em] Well well well night is a-falling
[G] Spirit is a-moving all over this [B7] land

[G] God told Noah build Him an arc
[Bm] And the rain started falling
And the skies turned dark
[Em] The old arc a-moving,
[Am] Water stared to [C] climb
[G] God said a fire [B7] not a flood next time


My Lord said fire coming judgement day
All mankind gonna pass away
Brothers and sisters don’t you know
We’re gonna reap just what we sow


World’s not waiting for the Lord’s command
He’ll build Him a fire that’l sweep the land
With thunder out of Heaven
Comin’ Gabriel’s call
And the sea’s gonna boil
And the sky’s gonna fall

CH X 2