Frankie And Johnny

This traditional blues based on a true story of a love affair gone wrong.


[E] Frankie and Johnny were lovers
Oh! Lord, how they did love
[A] Swore to be true to each other
Just as true as the stars up [E] above
He was her [B7] man, but he was doin’ her [E] wrong

Frankie she was a good woman
Just as everyone knows
She gave her man a hundred dollars
Just to buy a new suit of clothes
He was her man but he was doin’ her wrong

Johnny went down to the corner
He asked for a glass of beer
Frankie went down in an hour or so
Said my loving Johnny been here?
He is my man but he’s doing me wrong

I ain’t gonna tell you no stories
I ain’t gonna tell you no lies
I saw your lovin’ Johnny
Making love to Nellie Bligh
He is your man but he’s doing you wrong

Frankie went home in a hurry
She didn’t go there for fun
She hurried home just to get a hold of
A big old forty-four gun
He is her man but he’s doing her wrong

Roll me over darling
Roll me over so slow
Roll me on my right side
Cause my left one hurts me so
He was my man but he was doing me wrong