Spanish is the Loving Tongue

[E] Spanish is the [A] loving [E] tongue

Soft as music, [F#m] light as [B7]spray

‘Twas a [E]girl I [A] learned it [E] from

Living down [B7] Sonora [E] way

[A] I don’t [G#m] look much [A] like a [E] lover

Still I hear those [F#m] love words [B7] over

[E] Mostly when I’m [A] all [E] alone!

Mi amor, Mi [B7] cora – [E]z�n

On the nights that I would ride
She would listen for my spurs,
Throw that big door open wide,
Raise those laughing eyes of hers.

Oh, how the hours would go a-flyin!
All too soon I’d hear her sighin’
In her sweet and quiet tone
‘Mi amor, mi corazon.’

But I had to fly one time
All ’cause of a stupid gamblin’ fight,
And so we said a swift goodbye
On that dark, unlucky night.

How oftentimes to me she’s clingin’
And in my ears the hoofsbeats ringin’,
As I galloped north alone
‘Adios, mi corazon.’

Haven’t seen her since that night,
I can’t cross the line, you know.
She was Mex and I was white;
Like as not it’s better so.

Still I’ve always kind of missed her
Since that last wild night I kissed her;
I broke her heart, lost my own
‘Adios, mi corazon.’