Oh Mary Don't You Weep


A good old gospel song from the southern United States. This has been recorded by many folk singers and exists in numerous versions.

Oh Mary Don’t You Weep

Mf – If You Miss Me at the Back of the Bus

Pb – Oh, Sisters Don’t You Weep

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[G] Oh, Mary, don’t you [D] weep, don’t mourn;
Oh, Mary, don’t you [G] weep, don’t mourn;
[C] Pharaoh’s army got [G] drowned,
Oh, [D] Mary, don’t you [G] weep.


[G] Well if I could I surely [D] would,
Stand on the rock where [G] Moses stood.
[C] Pharaoh’s army got [G] drowned,
[G] Oh, [D] Mary, don’t you [G] weep.

CH X 2

One of these morns about twelve o’ clock
This old world is going to reel and rock
Pharaoh’s army got drowned,
Oh, Mary, don’t you weep.

CH X 3