I Know You Rider

A great old traditional blues originally called “Blue Woman” recorded in a prison, sung by an 18 year old woman who was serving life for murder.

I played this on my Martin D-45.

The Byrds recorded this song in 1966 but it didn’t appear until it was released as a bonus track on the 1996 reissue of our third album “Fifth Dimension.”


[E] I know you rider, gonna [D] miss me [A] when I’m [E] gone,
I know you rider, gonna miss me when I’m gone,
[E] Gonna miss your [D] loving daddy from [A] a-rolling in your [E] arms.

I know my baby bound to love me some, (2x)
‘Cause she throws her arms around me
Like a circle ’round the sun.

I’m goin’ down the river, sit in my rocking chair, (2x)
And if the blues don’t find me,
I’m Gonna rock away from there.

Lovin’ you baby, like rollin’ off a log, (2x)
But if I can’t be your lover,
I sure ain’t gonna be your dog.

Yeah the sun gonna shine my back door some day, (2x)
And the wind gonna rise up, baby,
And blow my blues away.