Silver Dagger


Silver Dagger is a song I first heard in the early 60s on a Joan Baez album. I loved the beautiful melody and the way Joan sang and played it. This was a ladies song. I always wished I could sing it, but I minded doing songs of the opposite gender, so I changed the gender of the song with a few words.
Silver Dagger

I won’t [A] sing love songs, I’ll wake your [D] mother

She’s sleeping [A] there, right by your [Bm] side

And in her [G] right hand is a sliver [Em] dagger

She says that [G] you can never be my [A] bride

All men are false, so says your mother

They tell you wicked, loving lies

The very next evening, they’ll court another

Leave you alone to pine and sigh

Your daddy is a handsome wrangler

He’s got a chain five miles long

From every link a heart does dangle

Of some fair maid he’s loved and wronged

I’ll court another tender maiden

And hope that she will be my wife

For you’ve been warned and you’ve decided

To sleep alone all of your life

(C) 2004 MCGUINN MUSIC / Roger McGuinn