1840 When We Were There

1840 was the golden age of sail. The ships were still mostly wind powered and required a great deal of physical labor to operate. The crews used work songs to coordinate their efforts.

This song is new. I wrote it to capture the feel of a sailing ship in that period.

My wife Camilla and I love being at sea. We are sailing now for Christmas and New Year celebrations. Happy New Year 2024!!!

“1840 When We Were There”
Played in D position with capo on first fret.
[D] Yo ho, me hearties, [Em] heave away,
We’ll [A] sail the oceans, [G] come what [D] may,
With the wind in our favor, high [G] seas at bay,
[D] Yo ho, me hearties, [A] heave [D] away!

[D] In eighteen-forty on a [Em] stormy sea,
[A] A band of sailors, [G] brave and [D] free,
[D] Hoist the sails and [Em] trim the mast,
[A] We’re bound for adventures, [G] far [D] a-vast!

With sun-kissed faces and calloused hands,
We’ll roam the waters of distant lands,
Through raging tempests and tranquil breeze,
We’ll sing our songs across the seas.
As stars will guide us through the night,
We’ll tell old tales by lantern light,
Of pirates bold and mermaids fair,
Legends with a sailor’s flair.

So raise your voices, let the chorus ring,
To the rhythm of the sea, we’ll sing,
Together we stand, come storm or gale,
Our brotherhood will never fail.
As the years go by and we grow old,
The tales we wove will be retold,
With laughter and tears, we’ll reminisce,
Of the days we sailed with hearts of bliss.

So here’s to the life we’ve chosen true,
To the sea and the crew, both old and new,
With every voyage, a story to share,
Of eighteen-forty, when we were there.